Thursday, 23 November 2017

"This Book will save your Life" by A.M. Homes - October 2017

The author wrote "This book will save your life", to entertain the readers and to inform them about the American lifestyle. The scenes and events mentioned were hilarious but the plot was really simple: It is about a divorced man who had not come to terms with what happened to his life; still reflecting about his journey, and he was trying to make amends with his son who grew up with his mother or ex- wife. The author was not so clear about what "save your life"... meant. I could guess it could be about being down to earth, realistic and being giving to people which Richard had done as he related with the doughnut businessman and his friends. As a whole, there were surprising twists in the story that you never expect and made me not believe it should happen...the sink hole, right next to Richard's home, the t.v. coverage of the lifting of the horse from the sink hole, Richard's internist (doctor) unqualified and unlisted but was in practice( in America???really??), until towards the end at the Malibu beach, where Richard was suddenly on top of a table in the ocean! The author reveals big events which you never expect, sometimes unrealistic twists in the story.
By May

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